Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 10

I think this picture is a great representation of what a Digital Citizen encompasses: 

We as educators need to teach not only citizenship as people of the world but as well as the digital world. All the same principles apply, you have to be conscious of what you say and/or type and be aware that not all of what's in the digital world is factual. it is important to teach students what is the right way to research and not just type into a search engine and pick the first option that looks nice. Also we need to make students aware of the dangers that the internet and the digital world has. Much like real life there are people out there that want to harm others by any means they can, it is important to make students aware of this and the signs so they can be prepared for anything that is thrown their way.

Some sites I would use to develop my lesson on Digital Citizenship would be the I-Safe Fact Sheet I would also hand this out to parents so they can be aware of what Digital Citizenship is and what it looks like.

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